• LED Spiegel

    Die Beleuchtung im Badezimmer sollte hell genug, aber nicht schreiend sein. Damit ihr Bad zum einladenden Rückzugsort wird, wird es optimal von warmem, dennoch leistungsstarkem Licht erhellt. Hier ist LED eindeutig die Beleuchtung der Wahl. Deshalb konzentrieren wir bei Nordholm uns auch darauf.

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  • SplashBoard Wall panels

    Revamp your bathroom with a completely fresh new look. With Splash board wall panels you can do that within 24 hours 

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    Brand new Nordholm Towel Warmer dry electric. Ideal for upper class Bathrooms for a consistent warm towel in whatever season. Brushed or polished stainless steel dry electric heating cable thermostat function hidden connection lead. Combe adds to the design in your bathroom with the added benefit of a warm towel throughout any season. The fact that its  dry electric means you even can have a warm towel when your central heating system is not on.

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    The Celsius is the most elegant form of a heated towel rail. A discreet design in conjunction with a targeted heat output turn these heating rods into a special highlight in any modern bathroom. Available in four different styles.

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    A futuristic combination of straight lines with a circumferential profile. This heater can easily be operated with electric or dual fuel.

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    A futuristic combination of straight lines with a circumferential profile. This heater can easily be operated with electric or dual fuel.

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    The simplicity of the Saar and 25% more heating power. This is our new bathroom towel rail heater "Canyon". 

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    The living room. It should be cosy and warm and it should feel like a personal oasis. And this is exactly what our Mammut does! In addition to its elegant and irresistible look our Mammut heater also impresses with a very short reaction time.

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  • SAAR

    The Saar in white is the versatile combination of a modern and timeless design and a fantastic model diversity. With 50 different radiator and heater sizes to choose from and with either central or exterior connection, the Saar will be an attractive highlight in almost any living area.

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  • Fittings & Accessories

    Nordholm offers a wide variety of different thermostats, heating cartridges and special fittings to provide our customers with the perfect solution for each of their individual situation and to meet the specific needs of our clients.

    Our Valves & Accessories

Welcome to Nordholm

This family business has been working with innovative heating technology for various applications since 1984. This could be for warm flooring or a beautifully sculpted heater in the living room. A heater that gives the office a touch of style. A heating system that matches the decor and the style of the kitchen. And last but not least - a heater in the bathroom, which was specifically designed to provide warmth and also dry your towels at the same time. Innovation is an important element of the entire Nordholm company - and we strive for the best possible results in all of our projects. Top quality, sustainability and consistency - we select our suppliers according to these criteria.

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Designer heaters create harmony in every house. Interesting shapes combined with a high degree of functionality will spoil the entire family with pleasant, consistent and soothing warmth. A high degree of efficiency will not only save the environment, but it creates a relaxed atmosphere and harmony in every home.

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Is your radiator a necessary and ugly evil which is a rather disturbing feature in your living space? Thanks to our space heaters this statement belongs to the past. These beautifully and elegantly shaped heaters not only provide warmth, but will also accentuate a confident design choice.

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Our Splash Board Wall Panels will enable you to easily create a brand new look within just 24 hours. Our PVC and acrylic wall panels are especially suitable for walls in showers, bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms etc.. Our Splash Board Wall Panels are very easy to work with, as they will leave a seamless finish which is absolutely waterproof and mold resistant. Choose now from our extensive product range to find the matching decor and get started!

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The most efficient heating system should be productive, economical, space-saving and environmentally friendly. Foremost, it should also be an effective heating system. A Flexithermo underfloor heating combines all these benefits in a future-oriented and value improving system.

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